Confident CAPTCHA

Your Users—Verified

Protect your site and improve your user experience with Confident CAPTCHA. Confident CAPTCHA is an image-based human verification technology that guards against bot traffic without frustrating your users.

  • 50 million+ human verifications served per month
  • Easy to use – 96% human solve rate
  • Increase website integrity
  • Mobile optimized
  • Reduce abandonment rate

There is no doubt that bot traffic is on the rise. Every year billions of malicious bots are deployed to attack websites. Website visitors demand a better experience. Confident CAPTCHA solves both problems with frictionless bot protection for web and mobile platforms. Learn How It Works

Confident CAPTCHA Advertising

Website owners and publishers can now earn revenue with interactive CAPTCHA Advertising. Confident CAPTCHA provides a unique and engaging digital advertising platform. Website visitors actively engage in solving CAPTCHA creating a guaranteed brand engagement. Monetize your CAPTCHA and start earning money today.

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  • Enterprise ready and scalable
  • Optimized for mobile devices and other form factors
  • Audio functionality for the visually impaired
  • Multi-language support
  • Optional branded CAPTCHAs and messaging


  • Secure – Protect from credential harvesting
  • Block bots – Stop spam and bots on blogs, web forms, account registrations, ticketing sites and more
  • Better user experience – Improve user experience and satisfaction
  • Increase adoption – Reduce website abandonment