Image-based Verification and Authentication Solutions



  • Frustrating
  • 50% human fail rate
Verification for All Devices
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Confident CAPTCHA

  • Tap images for verification
  • Improved 96% human solve rate
  • Protection from bots
  • ADA compliant
  • Optional monetization available


Alphanumeric Passwords

  • Outdated/not secure
  • Hard to remember
Authentication for All Devices
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Confident ImageShield

  • Image-based authentication layer
  • Guards user credentials - secure
  • Multi-layer security
  • BYOD secure access control
  • Highly configurable


Text Messages and Security Tokens

  • Tokens are expensive, easily lost and inconvenient
  • Text messages are insecure
Multi‑Factor Authentication for All Devices
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Confident Multi‑Factor Authentication

  • Out-of-band image-based multi-factor authentication
  • Strong security/one-time passcode
  • Mobile optimized
  • Mobile Optimized

    Mobile Optimized

  • Cloud Based

    Cloud Based

  • Customizable UI

    Customizable UI