CAPTCHA Advertising

Interactive Digital Advertising Platform

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Website owners and publishers can now earn revenue with interactive CAPTCHA advertising. Confident CAPTCHA provides a unique and engaging digital advertising platform. Website visitors actively engage in solving CAPTCHA creating a guarenteed brand engagement.  Monetize your CAPTCHA and start earning money today. 

Publishers Benefits

  • Earn revenue with advertisements in Confident CAPTCHA on your site
  • Improve website security: Stop spam and fraudulent registrations from bots
  • Improve the user experience: End user frustration with traditional CAPTCHAs, increase website conversion rates
  • Engaging brand advertising platform: Brand the CAPTCHA to match your site and promote your products or services
  • Fully customizable: Set up and install in just a few minutes

Interactive CAPTCHA Advertising

Advertisers Benefits

  • Website visitors actively engage with Confident CAPTCHA to complete desired action
  • Guarantee audience engagement
  • Increased brand recognition and recall
  • Ideal advertising platform for mobile devices
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