CAPTCHA Advertising

Get Confident CAPTCHAInteractive Digital Advertising Platform

Website owners and publishers can now earn revenue with interactive CAPTCHA advertising. Confident CAPTCHA provides a unique and engaging digital advertising platform. Because website visitors must actively participate in solving the CAPTCHA in order to complete their desired action on the site, they are guaranteed to interact with the advertisement – not ignore it as people do with most display advertising. Monetize your CAPTCHA and start earning money today. Register to get Confident CAPTCHA for your website.

Interactive CAPTCHA Advertising

Benefits for Website Owners / Publishers

  • Earn revenue by allowing advertisers to advertise in the CAPTCHA on your site

  • Improve website security: Stop spam and fraudulent registrations from bots

  • Improve the user experience: End user frustration with traditional CAPTCHAs, increase website conversion rates

  • Engaging brand advertising platform: Brand the CAPTCHA to match your site and promote your products or services

  • Fully customizable: Set up and install in just a few minutes

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Guaranteed Attention -- Website visitors must actively engage with the CAPTCHA to complete a desired action. This guarantees audience participation with your dynamic ads.

  • Increased brand recognition and recall.

  • Ideal advertising platform for mobile devices including smartphones and tablets

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