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An Enterprise Level CAPTCHA Built for Mobile

Confident CAPTCHA™ is the only CAPTCHA security solution specifically engineered for optimal display and functionality on mobile devices.

mobile optimized captchaWhether or not your website is mobile optimized, Confident CAPTCHA will work on your site. It is designed to display well for your website visitors whether they are on PCs, smartphones or tablets.

The mobile optimized version of Confident CAPTCHA supports all major mobile operating systems including iOS and Android.

Mobile CAPTCHA Features

  • Touch-friendly -- users can easily hold their mobile phone in one hand and tap the pictures with their thumb

  • Simple, intuitive interface

  • Automatically scales to fill the full display screen without the user needing to zoom

  • Rotates orientation as the user switches from portrait to landscape

Mobile phones are poised to overtake PCs as peoples’ primary device for accessing the Internet. Don't frustrate or drive away your mobile visitors.

Secure your mobile website today with Confident CAPTCHA. Mobile CAPTCHA comparison

Benefits of Confident CAPTCHA for Mobile

  • Improve the user experience for your mobile visitors

  • Increase conversions on your mobile website

  • Reduce website abandonment

  • Maintain strong security on your mobile website

  • Minimize friction and customer frustration

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You can quickly and easily customize Confident CAPTCHA and integrate it with your mobile website in just a few minutes. Register now to get key credentials and start using Confident CAPTCHA today!

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