Confident ImageShield

Your Users – Authenticated

Confident ImageShield is an image-based authentication platform. Users identify pictures that fit their previously-chosen image categories. Organizations and developers can easily integrate Confident ImageShield with their websites, web applications or other security solutions.

  • Guided recall increases usability and security
  • One-time passcodes
  • Highly configurable
  • Seamless integration into UX and UI
  • Deployment options include password replacement, additional security layer, password reset and anti-phishing
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How it Works:

  1. The user selects authentication categories that are easy to remember – such as dogs, flowers and cars. In this example, the user would enter E, T, X.
  2. Any time authentication is required, the user is presented with a randomly generated grid of images.
  3. The user authenticates by identifying which images on the grid fit their secret authentication categories.



  • Choose the number of pictures displayed
  • Determine how many categories users must remember
  • Define whether a user must identify their categories in a specific order
  • Display or hide letters
  • Choose clickable version or require users to type letters
  • More


  • Image Based - Replace easily compromised static passwords
  • Increase Security - Add an additional layer of authentication to improve security
  • Minimize Hacks - Ward off “phishing” and other malicious tactics
  • Easy to Use – Quick and easy access reduces frustration and increases adoption