Image-Based Authentication Solutions

Confident Technologies provides image-based user authentication solutions and out-of-band (OOB) multifactor authentication solutions for use on websites, web applications and mobile applications. Our authentication solutions generate one-time passwords for strong authentication that's easy to use. Secure your website, mobile applications and enterprise systems by starting a free trial of our user authentication solutions today!

Confident Notes™ -- Image-Based Authentication for iPhones

Introducing Confident Notes™, a secure notepad application available for the iPhone that uses image-based authentication for the login. Securely lock your notes and protect access to them with the strong security of Confident ImageShield. Quickly gain access to your protected notes by simply tapping a few images.


  • Lock any note by simply tapping the shield icon
  • Store and organize multiple notes
  • Intuitive and secure, image-based authentication/login software generates one-time passwords and is easy to use

The Confident Notes app shows one example of how image-based authentication can be used as the login method for mobile applications.

Download it today and try out the intuitive and secure ImageShield interface.


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